Baths! Let’s talk about baths, and the stuff you can put in them to make them bubble and smell nice. Admittedly, I was late to get on the bath train, only becoming really excited about them relatively recently. I was always kind of under the impression that really, you’re just stewing in your own filth in a bath. Being a shower person, my thought was that in the shower, all the dirt and gunk and grime of the day slides off and down the drain, leaving you squeaky clean, whereas in a bathtub, you just kind of … it in it.

And honestly, I haven’t really deviated from that train of thought. I’ve just combined the two methods of cleaning oneself to suit my needs. My needs are the following: 1. I need to be clean; 2. I need to enjoy the occasional bath bomb. Okay, so the second thing may be considered more of a desire than an actual need, per se, but bath bombs make me happy, and being happy is important, so I’m slipping it into that category. Anyway, I think that combining the shower and the bath is the answer here.

I’ll start the bath water running, and then, wile the tub is filling, I’ll hop into the shower, have a quick rinse, and then slide into the bath. This way, I’m generally relatively clean upon entering the tub, and thus am not sitting in the day’s filth. Once I’ve finished my bath, I’ll hop back into the shower and wash my hair, and subsequently wash off and residue from the bath that may have accumulated on my person.

You might think that this is a waste of water. You may also think that this is super extra and unnecessary. I would respond that yes, it’s a lot of water, and maybe, perhaps, the first shower rinse isn’t super necessary if I’m going to shower again afterwards. However! Al that said, it’s not like I’m doing this everyday. Far from it, I’ll do this maybe twice a month, if that. As if I have the time or money to have a bath bomb-infused soak ever twenty-four hours! That’s the dream, of course, but unfortunately not my reality.

I do know people (my boyfriend, for example) who don’t care at all about rinsing before or after their bathing experience. They’ll just hop in, sit in their own grime, hop out, towel dry, and call it a day. I think that’s gross. But hey! That’s not my place, to judge you and your bath habits. That’s you time. And that’s actually what we’re going to talk about in the first few blog posts here; we’re going to talk about bathing habits, different kinds of baths, and little things that you can do to optimize your baths. Whether you like hot baths, cold baths, scented baths, bubbly baths, solitary baths, or buddy baths, we’ll have some advice for you on our site. So grab a loofah, and away we go!