The (Attempted) Romantic Bath

I included “attempted” in this title for reasons that may be obvious to some, and not to others. Primarily, it will be obvious to anyone who has attempted to have a romantic soak with a partner in a less-than-adequately-sized tub. Here’s how you want it to go: you imagine lighting some candles, putting on some romantic music, and slipping luxuriously into the tub with your partner. You imagine feeling like a queen (or a king, let’s not discriminate here), having space to lounge, and let your hair flow glamorously in the water as your partner washes your back with a sweet-smelling loofah.

You’re not thinking about the Kitchener plumbing services you need to have done; you’re taking full advantage of the tub. That sounds nice, doesn’t it? Sounds really romantic. Sounds like the beginning of a steamy evening. And hey, if it works like that for you, that’s great. I mean it. That’s fantastic. Congratulations. Trouble is, a lot of the time, it goes nothing like that. Read More