The Relaxing Bath

First, we set the scene. It’s the late afternoon, and you’ve just arrived home from a really tough day at work. Maybe Tom wouldn’t get off your back about that file. Perhaps you had a customer who refused to be happy, no matter what kind of concessions you made. Or it may have been that you drove forty minutes to meet a client, and then she didn’t show up, and then the unthinkable happens, you swerve to miss a deer and crash your car and have to call 24 hr accident recovery Toledo Ohio to save the day.

We’ve all been here. We’ve all had terrible days at work during which we have seriously considered developing some sort of substance abuse problem in an attempt to deal with our seemingly pointlessly painful lives. But then, right before you turn to a debilitating amount of alcohol, you remember: you have a bathtub. Read More

The Misery Bath

This may not be a terribly popular bath – and I hope it’s not – but it’s certainly one I’ve taken. This differs from the Relaxing Bath, the point of which is to cheer yourself up and let the crap day you’ve had swirl down the drain with the bath water, in that a Misery Bath is not intended to make you feel any better. The Misery Bath is something you run when you’re absolutely and completely down in the dumps. Like if for reasons you don’t want to talk about, you had to cancel your meeting with Kansas City plumbing contractors and you kind of just want to stay that way. It could also be called the Self-Pity Bath, or the Given Up on Life Bath, or perhaps even the Apathy Bath.

Sometimes, you just want to wallow, and what better place to do this than in the bathroom, where no one is going to bother you. If you live with anyone, be it a significant other, your family, roommates, whatever, they’ll likely have a tendency to try to talk to you when you’re down in the dumps. Sometimes this is the last thing in the world you want. Sometimes, you just want to be left alone with your misery. Sometimes, my friend, you need a Misery Bath.

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The Productive Bath

I don’t know if any of you have tried this when you need to get work done, but if you haven’t, you definitely should. A lot of the time when I’m trying to get work done at home, be it for school or for a job, I find that I get really easily distracted.

It can be anything from looking around and deciding to clean the kitchen or get a good vacuuming done, to constantly wasting my life on Facebook or Buzzfeed, or deciding that now is the time to book that caterer but regardless of what it is, there is always something distracting that stunts my productivity and prevents me from getting enough work done. Read More