The Relaxing Bath

First, we set the scene. It’s the late afternoon, and you’ve just arrived home from a really tough day at work. Maybe Tom wouldn’t get off your back about that file. Perhaps you had a customer who refused to be happy, no matter what kind of concessions you made. Or it may have been that you drove forty minutes to meet a client, and then she didn’t show up, and then the unthinkable happens, you swerve to miss a deer and crash your car and have to call 24 hr accident recovery Toledo Ohio to save the day.

We’ve all been here. We’ve all had terrible days at work during which we have seriously considered developing some sort of substance abuse problem in an attempt to deal with our seemingly pointlessly painful lives. But then, right before you turn to a debilitating amount of alcohol, you remember: you have a bathtub. Read More

The (Attempted) Romantic Bath

I included “attempted” in this title for reasons that may be obvious to some, and not to others. Primarily, it will be obvious to anyone who has attempted to have a romantic soak with a partner in a less-than-adequately-sized tub. Here’s how you want it to go: you imagine lighting some candles, putting on some romantic music, and slipping luxuriously into the tub with your partner. You imagine feeling like a queen (or a king, let’s not discriminate here), having space to lounge, and let your hair flow glamorously in the water as your partner washes your back with a sweet-smelling loofah.

You’re not thinking about the Kitchener plumbing services you need to have done; you’re taking full advantage of the tub. That sounds nice, doesn’t it? Sounds really romantic. Sounds like the beginning of a steamy evening. And hey, if it works like that for you, that’s great. I mean it. That’s fantastic. Congratulations. Trouble is, a lot of the time, it goes nothing like that. Read More