The Productive Bath

I don’t know if any of you have tried this when you need to get work done, but if you haven’t, you definitely should. A lot of the time when I’m trying to get work done at home, be it for school or for a job, I find that I get really easily distracted.

It can be anything from looking around and deciding to clean the kitchen or get a good vacuuming done, to constantly wasting my life on Facebook or Buzzfeed, or deciding that now is the time to book that caterer but regardless of what it is, there is always something distracting that stunts my productivity and prevents me from getting enough work done. That’s where the Productive Bath comes in. Think about it. There are only a few places in the house, for me, anyway, that I feel pretty much free from distraction. These places are all in the bathroom. One of these places is, of course, the bathtub. Think about it. You’re warm, you’re cozy, and whatever you don’t have right beside you, you are not going to get up and grab. It’s a great place to bring a good book, for example, because even if you’re tempted to do something “productive,” you’re in the bath, so you’re not gettin’ up.

So! How to turn this into a place of intense productivity. First, I highly recommend you get a bath caddy. Preferably one with a spot for a wine glass. Because … well, because wine. Anyway, one that has a book stand can be particularly helpful, as well as space-enough for a writing utensil and a little notebook. I wouldn’t recommend bringing a computer into the tub, for rather obvious reasons. Furthermore, beyond those obvious reasons, part of the purpose of getting into the bathtub to work in the first place is to limit distractions, so the last thing you need in there is a Facebook machine. So, you’ve got all your tools. Now, to set the mood.

I guess really this part can be left somewhat up to personal preference; everyone has their own idea of what an ideal work environment is. That said, I find that the best way to work in the tub is with the bathroom fan on, to get rid of any household noises (or the infuriating noises of loud upstairs neighbours), and all the lights on.

Admittedly, when I’m not in the bathtub, and working in my kitchen or living room, sometimes I like to have a cup of tea, soft lighting, and maybe a bit of music. But I always find if I set that kind of ambiance when I’m in the bathtub, because I’m soaking peacefully in hot water, I fall asleep. But hey, that’s you. These are, after all, only suggestions.

You might be thinking this is kind of a lot of effort, and that you don’t want to risk dropping stuff in water, and that you need your computer when you work, etc, etc. And that all may be true for you! But if all you need is a book and a pencil, welcome to a world of productivity.

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